Throat singing by Choduraa Tumat  

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Throat singing by Choduraa Tumat

Throat singing is a singing technique with an unusual articulation in the pharynx, and / or throat, characteristic of traditional (especially religious) music of Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet and some other nations.

Usually throat singing consists of a basic tone (bass “buzz”) and the upper voice, which moves in the natural tones of the scale (usually using 4 – 13 overtones).

Overtones are clearly audible when when sound components amplify  by changing the shape of resonant cavities of the mouth, throat and pharynx.
This allows the singer to produce multiple tones.

The most famous is the Tuvan throat singing, using technique horekteer. Often throat singing  in Mongolia and Tuva is called khoomei, as it is the most common and internally diverse singing style by region.
Throat singing is typical for

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