Lake Baikal ice music  

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Lake Baikal ice music

An unusual musical event was held on Lake Baikal in Olkhon district. A group of musicians from the studio “Etnobit” played ice plates for  4 hours on the frozen waters of world’s oldest and deepest Lake Baikal .

Natalia Vlasevskaya, team leader:

- Sometimes if the condition is right ice plates sound better than drums. We didn’t do any rehearsal before. It was a pure improvisation. You would not get an ice plate under your arm and would not carry it with you to a concert hall. Baikal ice music is divine and it can be heard only here and now in full communion with nature. We played here for four hours and we could not stop. It is so incredibly energizing!

Project participants are hoping that this will promote the new trend of winter recreation on the lake. They hope playing Baikal’s  ice music will become as popular as  skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

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