Hambo Lama Itigelov. After death meditation Tukdam.  

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Hambo Lama Itigelov. After death meditation Tukdam.

The unique story of “life after death” of this Buryat lama began in 2002, after the third exhumation Itigelov Hambo Lama’s body (1852-1927). During his last meditation Itigelov gathered his disciples and asked them to begin  Tibetan prayer for the dying. The students didn’t dare to start so their teacher  did and told his disciples that he was going to leave this world, and asked to be taken from his grave after 75 years and to make sure that he continues to live. The last words of Hambo Lama Itigelov were: “I’ll get back to you in 75 years.”

After the opening of the sarcophagus in 2002, in the presence of Russian Buddhist leaders and medical experts, everyone was stunned to find Itigelov Lama, still sitting in the same ‘lotus’ position, which he took 75 years ago, before going into his last meditation. Not only that he is perfectly preserved, the body retains all the characteristics of a living body, such as, for example, soft and elastic skin, the mobility of the fingers and elbows. After Lama was taken out from the box in which he was buried, his body remained in a sitting position without any aids or supports.

Now it is already ten years that have passed since the “return” of Lama, and his body, its biological age is close to 160 years. He is now in Ivolginsky datsan, in a glass sarcophagus, which is not regulated by the temperature or humidity. His body still shows no signs of decay, which is confirmed by many experts from various countries, who have come to the conclusion that the body of Itigelov meets all the criteria of the body of a living person. It was also confirmed that the body was not subjected to any mummification or embalming.

His caretaker Bimbo Lama c

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