Real Pandora from Avatar  

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Real Pandora from Avatar
Avatar Hallelujah Mountain (Floating Mountains)

 Avatar Hallelujah Mountain is located in Wulingyuan scenery area, Zhangjiajie(张家界), Hunan Province. It was initially named Floating Mountain as it looks like floating in the air without any support.
In 2008, a Hollywood photographer Hansen, from the movie ”Avatar” took pictures of the Floating Mountain and used the scenery as an inspiration of important scenes in the movie.
Also in those mountains, “South Sky Pillars” became the prototype of Hallelujah Mountain in Pandora Planet. China gave it a new name after the movie's success in the world, so now it is called Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.
Before the movie “Avatar” this Floating Mountain was already famous for its great landscape in Zhangjiajie tourist area. Each year it attracts a large number of tourists that are coming to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

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