How to become a magician?  

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How to become a magician?

- First, learn to see the miracles there, where nobody sees.

- And how to see what nobody sees?

- You can see things not just with your eyes. See the world with all your heart ...

- And then?

- And then try to do

at least one small miracle
 so that nobody sees.

- And if it works, then nobody will know that I did it, and not somebody else?

- You asked how to become a magician, not an illusionist. Illusionists entertain people. 
Everybody sees as they are doing a trick, but a nice looking trick is not a miracle ...

In real magick there are no lies and tricks. Magick comes just as rain comes, or snow or wind ... 
- Have you ever seen the one who is pouring rain, throwing snow, spreading fog, lightening up stars or directing the wind?

- No ...
- This is the real magick, my friend!
- And what is the name of the one who does it? God?
- Maybe. Does it matter how you call it? It seems to me that if you see it once, you will forget about its names.

The most important thing in real magick is a miracle happening.
- What if I fail?
- Then it will be a few less miracles in this world.

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