Paul Pena and Kondar-ol Ondar in Genghis Blues  

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Tuvan blues with Paul Pena.

The documentary "Genghis Blues" tells about traveling of a blind American bluesman Paul Pena to the Republic of Tuva at the festival of throat singing. The documentary begins with a story about Paul, whose extraordinary musical abilities have allowed him to become a very respected and influential bluesman in musical circle.

In addition to recording two solo albums in the early seventies, he is known for his collaboration with T-Bone Walker, Bonnie Raytt, Jerry Garcia, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Steve Miller. Unfortunately, Paul did not get a well-deserved and much-needed dose of audience attention to him, because of serious health problems he had to quit quite early his active musical career.

On December 29, 1984 during the search for the Korean language lesson on shortwave radio Paul overheard excerpt broadcast of Tuvan throat singing. He was very intrigued, but did not understand the origin of this strange style of singing. 7 years later in a local music store Paul finds a disc with recordings of Tuvan masters and from that moment a new chapter in his life begins.

Paul not only practically taught himself to perform Tuvan folk songs in different styles, playing doshpoluure, jew's harp and other musical instruments, he could also talk a little bit in Tuvan language. In 1993, "Elvis" of Tuvan music Kongar-ool Ondar was impressed with Paul's success and invited Paul Pena to a festival of throat singing in Kyzyl in 1995.

In fact, from this point on the main section of fascinating story "Genghis Blues" begins. The film depicted a beautiful and unique nature of Tuva, its people, full of respect for their country, and who did not loose their sense of inner peace and purity.

This is the case when the music blurs the boundaries, and when a person struggling with a terrible disease, in the end becomes a hero. Filmed in road conditions and on a penny budget this documentary won a prize at the film festival "Sundance" in 1999.

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