10000 km travel trip in 20 days from Ulan-Ude(Russia) to Bugac (Hungary) following the route of ancient Huns  

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10000 km travel trip in 20 days from Ulan-Ude(Russia) to Bugac(Hungary) following the route of ancient Huns

On the last day of the festival performances of creative groups continued.
Throughout the whole festival new friendships begun, laying the foundation of multiple possible projects, some cooperation agreements signed.
We gave many interviews to journalists from Hungary, Yakutia, Kazakhstan about the project "Buryatia, Great Hun Empire secrets keeper". Everyone was very interested to talk with brave hero women from Buryatia who did this crazy journey of 10,000 km in 20 days.
The closing ceremony of the festival was amazing. There was a big fire set on center platform and people adults and kids with drums standing on the outer bigger circle.
Inside the circle shamans set the rhythm for the drums and made ritual offerings to the spirit of fire, sprinkled water on all attendees, were singing shamanic chants in chorus, brotherhood countries delegations made their offering symbolizing union and kinship.
This is how Kurultaj 2012 ended. By the evening the camping site was empty, tents folded, happy and impressed festival participants were leaving home in different parts of Europe and Asia.
11/08/2012 Day 2 Festival "Kurultaj 2012," Hungary (Bugac) There was a large number of arrived guests: special guests from Kazakhstan closest to the Hungarians Magyars, representatives of Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Tuva, Yakutia, Orenburg Cossacks and others.
Extensive festival program included horse racing and riding, fighters shows, archery competitions , presentations of various nationalities with their ethnic program.
Also there were exhibitions in yurts, where guides had a great pleasure in telling about the people and the Magyars Kipchaks, also handicrafts, conferences with historians.
By the evening, the main action moved to the concert platform where there were famous rock musicians in Hungary and a special performance by our Buryat singer Mydygma.
At the end of her performance she presented our delegation and was greeting and appealing to unification of Asian and European Huns. We then invited everybody to dance with us our folk circle dance Yohor under the stars of Bugac's night sky.
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