Don’t believe in fairy tales, they once were true  

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Don’t believe in fairy tales, they once were true
Fairy tales sometimes contain fantasy but sometimes true information about the past, wrapped in the most incredible and bizarre shapes and veiled by generations of storytellers.

From childhood I used to listen to Romanian fairy tales. It’s not even just fairy tales, these are folk tales, later on retold by the Romanian writers, which carry numerous grains of  a very very ancient knowledge about  vertically walking giant beings covered with squama  or shell and  two-legged horned and tailed creatures, who used to steal daughters of men and marry with them, also about two, three, five, six, ten, twelve and twenty-four-headed dragons, who were able to change their  look and also liked women, about one-armed or one-legged  creatures, about immortal beings , about the underworld inhabited by snakes, dragons and other monstrous creatures.

Also about existing from time to time connection gates between the two worlds, about two, four, six and twelve winged horses that don’t eat anything but red-hot coals and fly in the air covering the distance of thousands of kilometers in seconds, about Far Far Away kingdoms where youth has no age and life is without death and where time has stopped, about fairies, witches, wizards, and  miraculous ability of people or creatures like people to shape shift and appear as angry bears or tigers, or in the shape of a small bird or mice, or reviving the dead with the living water.

The origins of these and many other stories are lost in the remotest depths of the human past.
They come down to us only because they escaped destruction in ancient times, the early Christian era and the dark years of the Middle Ages and remained in oral folk tradition, later on re-written by Romanian writers of XIX a. (Ion Creanga,  Mihai Eminescu, Trifan Balte, etc.).
Based on the information contained in fairy tales, can we at least approximately suppose the time when they were created? In some fairy tales there are not only vague hints, but quite explicit points.  For example, “The tale of the pig” by Ion Creanga  states that the king’s daughter, who was looking for  Fat-Frumos around the world, who was conceived by centuries old “grandfather” and “grandmother”.

She was pregnant for three years during which she was travelling, crossed seas and countless countries, was walking through disastrous forests and deserts, full of dragons, poisonous snakes, basilisks, who were able to kill just by gazing, the hydra with twenty-four heads, and many other countless terrible reptiles, with widely gaping mouths ready to swallow, among the beasts, whose excessive greed, cunningness  and ferocity can not be described  by the language of man. Once she found  Fat-Frumos she gave birth to a child without suffering and pain.

According to Svarogov cycle  in the ancient Slavic pagan tradition, the humans were doomed to suffering and child birth in pain after the fall of  “First World”, that was completely  destroyed, and it was mostly without actual humans. In fact, during  ”First World”, the gods lived on earth and coexisted together with created by them humans and the pregnancy was without labor pains. It was an amazing world full of wonders and magic, and populated by the most incredible creatures.

According to genealogy of Chaldean kings made by Babylonian priest and historian Berosus (“History of Babylonia”, IV-III centuries. BC) and Aristotle’s student Abid (“The Chaldean kings and the Flood”), humans life before the destruction of the previous world ranged from more than 200-300 years old to 10-65 000 years  depending on different saros chronology interpretations adopted by them , 18 or 3600 years. Antediluvian history of modern mankind lasted from 3000 to 430 thousands of years. The authors pointed out the duration of saros was 3600 years.

Comparison of  Romanian fairy tales and the conclusions of Berosus and Abid in Indian traditions indicates that the life duration of  ”the Chaldean kings” was 10,000 years or more. Thus, according to “Bhagava Purana”, Diti pregnancy lasted for about 100 years,  according to “Matsya Purana”,   Waranga’s  pregnancy, the mother of Taraki, lasted for a thousand of years, and like all other pregnancies at that time happened with no pain.

In “Battle of ancient gods”  book based on a comparative analysis of folklore and geological data, I showed that the first true humans appeared about 1.5 million years ago. Based on the duration of the periods between disasters and the assumption that disasters have been associated with World Wars I calculated that the lifetime of the first mankind was about 1,000 years. It is in good agreement with the Biblical data. Then it gradually decreased until the present time. The first sudden reduction in life expectancy apparently fell on late Pleistocene East European Plain glaciations, 70,000 years ago, maybe then the human lifetime became shorter, of 120 years.

After the end of the last glaciations, 12,000 years ago  people’s lives become even shorter and remains as such to this day. So if all is right it means the Romanian fairy tales describe events that were happening more than 70 000 years ago. It can actually be much earlier than the specified time. Because first of all, the world of fairy tales was inhabited by wizards, witches and werewolves, and in the time of humans , according to legend, there was not much.

Second, fairy tales don’t say usually anything about the glaciations or ice age, on the contrary elsewhere eternal summer is described. Thirdly, according to Svarogov cycle in Slavic pagan legend humans were destined to give child birth in pain after the death of the “First World”, most part of which was inhabited not by real people. And it could be earlier than 1.5 million years ago or even earlier. Thus, the fairy tales describe the world 1.5 million years apart from us , less likely to 100 – 70 000 years.

In any case, it was a different world full of magic, inhabited by very different creatures , vertically walking reptiles, dragons, basilisks, hydra and other creatures. There were also beings or creatures that in fairy tales and legends are called people. It is only necessary to read them more carefully to understand it all.

By A.Koltypin
Battle of Ancient Gods

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