Shamanic traditions of Southern Siberia  

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Hermetic Institute of Studies, Research, Training and Personal Development

Free Online webinar in English

Thursday, April 19, 9:30 PM Bucharest Time 
What is shamanism? 
Shamanic traditions of Southern Siberia 

 The webinar is conducted by Teacher and Guide at Hermetic Institute of Studies, Research, Training and Personal Development 
Elena Baldaeva 

 In this special webinar , Elena shares the teachings of one of the oldest shamanic traditions, considered to be the root of all shamanistic beliefs on the planet.

Shamanism is a tradition of living in close contact with spirits of nature , animals, plants, rocks, lakes and forests and in Siberian shamanism is also a way of worshipping ancestors' spirits.

Siberian shamanism has been practiced by natives of all kinds of tribes from Eskimos from snow tundras of the North Pole till the Khalkha people of sandy deserts in Southern Mongolia.

Shamanism encompasses the belief that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirits' worlds and that everything has a spirit and is alive .

 In the webinar you will learn:
• What is shamanism?
• What means to be a shaman?
• Indigenous tribes of Siberia
• Shamanic initiations in Siberia
• Shamanic pantheon and cosmology
• Power animal
• Spirits of ancestors
• Shamanic journeys
• Soul in Siberian shamanism
• Shamanic dreamwork

 Welcome to join our webinar and looking forward to meet you !

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