Shaman helper spirits and spirits of diseases  

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Shaman helper spirits and spirits of diseases

Today many people try to use different ancient practices for different purposes, sometimes good or bad. Often those teachings are pulled out of their spiritual and cultural context and used without understanding and knowing the whole bigger picture in which they are used. So if this happens people  using those teachings can get burn because it can fire back and they can harm themselves or people around.  It is easy to destroy something even if you don’t intend to do so. You don’t need to be super skilled, smart or with some special abilities to harm. 
 Nowadays there are higher energy vibrations and our thoughts have power. Often it is enough to think bad about someone or something and it will manifest. On the contrary it takes a great deal of energy, power, self-mastery, expertise to repair the broken, to create new things, to heal the sick, to restore the balance and to bring peace. 

 The shamanic training is a lifetime journey involving many aspects of personal development. The same way you would not expect to perform a brain surgery from a person who did just a weekend class, one shouldn’t expect to become a shaman in a two days class. 
 Shaman’s life is complex and involves many things like healing ,divination , blessings, rites of passage and astral travel. In this article we’ll take a look at one of the main job of a shaman, working with spirits.

Shaman can help to cast away spirits of  diseases with  his own powers or with the help of his helper spirits. But it is always good to know that the disease gets into any person because of his own wrong relationship with people around, animals or plants so everyone is responsible for his own healthy state of being, for his own spiritual hygiene and purity etc

 The  purity is about keeping your energies clean which is crucial for human health. At the moment of birth we inherited through genes a lot of things from our ancestors and parents. Later, during our lifetime we accumulate more from our own actions, behavior and nature. If during the process of becoming what we are there was some energy violation, our body and internal organs begin to function improperly, which leads to various diseases. So it is very important to observe our actions, making the right steps in our life because we are the only responsible for our own health and our life.

But what is a disease? Where does it occur and how it is transmitted?  How is it explained from shamanic point of view?  In shamanism everything has a spirit and a disease has too.  Some spirits are very powerful and highly developed beings. So every illness is like a real person with his own wishes and desires. In the process of shamanic healing it is necessary to banish the spirit of sickness from the body. Spirits of diseases often resist, so shaman helper spirits are often used to ensure the successful banishing.  The shaman helper spirits can take care of all and fully protect a shaman from the disease invasion.  

 The diseases spirits can often be identified by their appearance and can resonate with our usual representations of disease. For example, spirit of influenza can look like simple sticky fat slow worms. It seem that it’s easy to get rid of it  but it is not so. Some may leave but most are hiding and are waiting till the shaman goes away. So it helps if shaman has helper spirit like bird, mole, hedgehog,  badgers, frog or fox. After the first batch is removed, the shaman is redoing the procedure  to make sure  no single worm remains. If everything was done correctly and the whole bulk was removed the patient’s temperature drops down and falls asleep immediately. 

Spirit of cerebral infraction is like a snake. It silently slides into the body at a very early stage when no clinical symptoms of the disease are yet observed. If the patient doesn’t get up for a long time then  a help of a very experienced shaman is needed. But if the patient treatment begins at an early stage, when the spirit of cerebral infraction is still quite small, there is a good chance to stop or delay the progression of the disease. The snake is usually located in the paralyzed half of the body. If you start to hunt for it, it starts to rush through the patient body.
The spirit of depression is  like a little turtle. It is inactive, immobile and its armor shell looks thin and floppy with a tiny skinny body underneath it. As the depression develops the turtle grows bigger and reaches larger sizes. If it is the case the disease will transform into a serious mental illness. But if a shaman has a sparrow hawk in his team, it could take the turtle high up  in the air and break the shell.

 The spirit of sciatica is like a rabbit who dug himself a hole inside the injured leg and simply carries the grass for his rabbit wife and his rabbit children.It is not easy to cure such a patient. It might seem that the patient felt better, but after a while the pain comes back again, maybe not all the rabbits were removed since they have other tunnels and holes where they are hiding. Most of the people suffering from sciatica are hunters, farmers or their relatives.

Psoriasis’ spirits are fish or reptiles.  Those "beings" in the form of fish cause long-lasting  often incurable disease. It is very hard to find these creatures. You need helper spirits who can live and work in the water in order to fight those diseases. When there are pancreatitis symptoms a large monitor lizard making sounds like sighs can be found  in the pancreas. This kind of thing is often impossible to move. It sighs as if it is saying that you are trying in vain and it is true if the shaman does not have the right element helper spirit.

A chronic disease is a cohabitation of many types of disease spirits. For instance in chronic tonsillitis,  sore throat  you can detect up to 10 different entities. In acute angina you can detect several disease agents in the shape of water bugs. It is very difficult for both modern medicine and shamans to combat a disease that has become chronic. Another very serious disease is cancer that is seen as a crab. It is very difficult and often impossible to kick him out of a person.
That’s why shaman’s helper spirits are very important, to work without them is very tough. Spirits helpers may look like animals, birds, insects, or reptiles. Depending on how they look, you can assume what qualities they have and what is the nature of their habits.

 Spirits helpers are obtained during the shamanic journeys and they are wonderful beings. It is important to know the names of your helper spirits. These names should be kept secret and not told to anyone. The spirits can protect the shaman from anyone anywhere and distance to them doesn’t matter.
Shaman’s helper spirits are the most beautiful and loyal beings in the world. Performing a treatment without their help can be a very dangerous adventure and those shamans who did try it were able to really see the difference with and without them and can really appreciate the power and help of their helper spirits.
 The role of the shaman is important in healing but more important is the patient’s attitude, his inner transformation.
If he has a deep sincere and  heartfelt desire to be healed then his own soul’s  beauty, goodness and  light, grace and acceptance, sincerity and purity , forgiveness and love will get  reflected to him as in a shining mirror and this is when true  healing miracles happen. 

Farther Sky  , Mother Earth,
Listen to me, hear me well.
Let our people be always lighted up with joy.
I ask health for our spirits and bodies,
Peace for our  homes, good luck in our occupations
Wellbeing and prosperity.
Let us always be fed and clothed,
Let the doors of happiness  be opened in front of us
Wherever we go.
Let the spirits of all living and deceased loved ones
Be joyful and at  piece.
May they guard us and protect us .
So be it!
( Old Buryat Shaman Prayer)

 Elena Baldaeva ,
Teacher and Guide at Hermetic Institute of Studies, Research, Training and Personal Development

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