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Zhen: healing with animal organs

About this exotic, mysterious and at the same time effective healing method  from the arsenal of traditional medicine of Buryat and Mongol peoples it's known very little or nothing to the western world.
Zhen is an ancient nomadic method of healing that is based on applying  the internal organs of just killed, or even still living animal organs to heal human bodies. To some people it may sound  shocking,  however, in cases where official medicine is failing, people are forced to turn to the shamans and  healers who practice this method.

In "zhen" therapy different organs from different animals like sheep, goats, dogs, pigs and birds are used. In each case, the use of "zhen" is very individual. For example,the patient's sex and the  animal's sex are taken in the account.

For the children it is better to use the organs of baby lambs, to heal the headaches - chicken organs, sometimes the patient places his feet to be soaked in oats and so on.

In various regions of ethnic Buryatia there are their  own variations. Particularly actively "zhen" is practiced amoung Buryats in the Irkutsk region and Shenehen Buryats in Inner Mongolia,  China. In the village Kukunur of Alarskij district, Irkutsk region  Nina Dagaeva and Mihail Uhakshinov are treating this way.

- I usually put for thirty minutes, and mainly sheep organs, - says Mikhail Uhakshinov. - Although the effect of the pig organs is stronger" than sheep. This animal is heavier, and secondly, his organs are almost identical to human.

Something similar to "zhen" was known in medieval Europe. In memoirs of Machiavelli there is a very interesting fact. Back then in those days, the use of poisons to make an end with  political opponents was commonly practiced. Once in Rome two influential members of the Medici house were poisoned.

One of them died, and the second one was placed in the womb of killed not yet chilled donkey and he survived. Obviously, the heat and the juices of the womb sucked out the poison.
"Zhen" was known to many nomadic pastoral peoples.

Kyrgyz woman Aigul, the patient of Namdak Lama Ayusheev who is  actively practicing "zhen" in Buryatia and in Moscow, said that in Kyrgyzstan, she knew about this method, but now there are no more healers who are using it. So she had to specifically come  to Ulan-Ude for  treatment. During her hernia operation on spinal the nerve was hurt, and her feet refused to listen,  Aigul did not feel them and they were always cold.

In sheep's clothing

First Namdak Lama prayed, asking the gods for help in healing the sick and asking forgivness for  the animal sacrifice. He prayed that the soul of the animal has found a better rebirth. Sheep was lying in the yard of Lama. On the rug in the home clinic there were a mattress, plastic, goat fur coat and jackets.

Assistants have started to cut and carve the  sheep. First they took the skin of the animal and spread it on the rug of plastic. Aigul undressed and laid on a warm, moist animal skin.
Then the healer started to apply living warm still palpitating animal organs on the body of the patient: lungs to lungs, liver to  liver, heart to heart, kidneys to kidneys. Spleen laid on the forehead of the patient, and her feet were wrapped with the stomach.

So that the organs won't slip off the body Aigul was holding them with her hands. Then the healer put on his patient's feet the animal intestines. In close dressing room there was a thick steam of animal entrails.
The healer covered the patient with a blanket, wrapped tightly in plastic and tied twine, and put a hat on her head. On the top Aigul was covered with  a sheepskin coat and  wrapped with blankets. She laid like a larva in a cocoon, preparing to be born.

- Try to sleep an hour or two or three - told her to Namdak Lama. - Ask God for health, think about the fact that the disease is gone forever. The heat must penetrate to the bone. Hold on a little, soon you will have a second breath. The longer you soak, the better  it is. It will pull out all the sores, cold and toxins. And when the cold will go  away, your face will become  pink.Soon Aigul reported that leg got warm.

After a three-hour stay in the skin Emchi Lama started to  clear the patient covers. Internal organs of the animal were all dried up, and the spots were standing out on them, they changed their color. On the animal skin a liquid was accumulated.

Aigul rose with difficulty, but could stand. She was helped to go to the bath, washed with warm water and dressed up. Then she rested and restored her power with hot tea and hot soup. Her face turned pink and her eyes glistened.

Unsolved mystery of "Zhen". How does science explain the method of "Zhen"?

In 1953 German scientist Reinhold Voll, creating a device for measuring the electrical resistance of human tissues found a lot of points at which the resistance was repeatedly less than in other parts of the body.

Having drawn a map of these points and compared with Atlas of Tibetan Medicine, Voll was shocked. All three hundred of biologically active points were matching!

Further study revealed a clear dependence of these points with human organs. By measuring the resistance of the connective tissue at a certain point, it is possible to accurately determine the health of certain organ.

This is how the modern diagnostic method by Voll was discovered.  A further development was the emergence of the method of assisted reproduction (vegetative resonance test and therapy), which is based on the phenomenon that every body emits weak electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency.

Their range is between 900 kHz to 1.5 MHz. Frequency deviation constitutes a violation of organ function.
This suggests that our ancestors have used methods based on the phenomenon of resonance frequencies of bodies. Sick bodies with the help of the animals were adjusted to a healthier way.

In general, it is very unexplored part of traditional medicine. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people who know and use this thousand-year experience of Mongl nomads  but at the same time the modern world focuses on the use of natural medicines, including natural methods of treatment. "Everything that grows is medicine, everything that walks is also a medicine" - says "Chzhud-shi", The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Medicine.

Elena Baldaeva ,
Guide at Hermetic Institute for Studies , Research , Training and Personal Development

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