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Introduction to Angelic Magic - Angelic Magic Series
9-11 March 2012 Romania
The appearance of the Shining Ones
By: Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

During my education in a lineage of teachers, I was given the keys that give access to Angelic Magic. The task to teach this knowledge was laid upon my shoulders.

The Holy Magic of the Angels is a divine gift. She is meant to enhance the quality in your life.

Angelic Magic is an intense, pure, spiritual energy. Angels protect you against the storms of life. Angels teach us that we live in a world where the Divine Spark is also to be found in the dark corners of life.

The angels reveal this divine grace to us. This is the core of all magic, of every miracle taking place: the revelation of beauty, which is the core of every soul.

The Temple of the Heart
During this workshop you learn exercises which bring you in an intimate exchange with the Eternal Beloved. With the help of angelic talismans, you connect the God-within-you with the realm of the Archangels.
You learn by means of prayers, exercises, meditations and ritual. You will learn to know the powers of the angels at any moment of the day. You will learn to know important underlying magical principles, which causes you to understand what you learn in a theoretical background.

What you will learn
  • You learn to know the archangels as cosmic energy patterns protecting the powers of goodness.
  • You learn the relation between the archangels and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • You learn the basics of the angelic  ’Temple of the Heart’
  • You learn to conjure up the powers of angels and archangels in a magical circle.
  • You learn how to communicate with angels in a way they can understand the messages.
  • You learn about the different types of angels and their functions within the Heavenly Hierarchies
  • You learn to call the archangels and ask their help to different ends.
For whom is this workshop?
  • This workshop is designed for people who want to learn to work with Angelic Magic, and who want to deepen their experience by means of meditation exercises, mystery play and ritual.  
Bring with you:
  • Writing material, a white robe, seven equal sized candles with a gauge of 4 cm, in the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, lapis lazuli blue and amethyst)
Your teacher
This training will be under the tuition of the Magistra of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®: Ina Cüsters-van Bergen is a Third Degree Adept of Western Mystery Tradition, from the lineage of Dion Fortune. Ina is the author of the book The Temple of High Magic, of the Magic, the Basics, the Solo Magical Training, of the Temple Training and Temple Retreat programmes of the Order. Ina has build up an international name in designing and organizing exclusive and intensive weekend workshops. Ina is a certified socio therapist and has worked as a trainer and manager in psychiatric healthcare organisations. But above all she is a professional spiritual teacher. In her trainings she combines archaic alchemical and magical techniques with modern methods like hypnosis, NLP, family constellations and systemic therapy.
For whom is this workshop?
This workshop is of interest to both beginners and advanced students of mystery and magic, who want to participate in Mystery Drama and/or Ceremonial Magic. Language: English/ Romanian
Price (EUR 150,00)
Times: Start on Friday evening 19.30 until Sunday afternoon 16.30 o clock
Temple place of location

How to Enrol:

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