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The Gateway to the Gods - Introduction to Egyptian Magic - Ritual Magic
Ritual Magic part 2 in Romania

Waving wands, floating robes, smelling incense and Gods that expect you…
Golden+Dawn+Magic+Training+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+StarlightAlso you can have mystical experiences. Rituals and mystery plays are designed to this end. You can experience their powers. You can become exalted and inspired by the floating movement of mantra, mudra, procession, in an environment wherein the sacredness is empowered by the beauty of the senses. Feel how Words of Power fill the temple with energy. Your spiritual exercises will grow in power, and open you up to mystical peak experiences.

During this training you will learn the knacks of Ritual Drama and Mystery Play

  • To communicate with the Masters of the Inner Planes,
  • To use for healing,
  • To use for personal development.
  • Rituals stabilise your personality, and increase your spiritual growth.
  • They help you to build a bridge between your higher mission and your everyday life.
  • Rituals open you to the experience of meaning, beauty and the joy of life.

Rituals can be practiced in many traditions. A ritual works when certain basic principles are being applied. These basics can be used to perform a High Mass, a wicca circle, a magical circle.

  1. During this training you learn to apply the basic principles of Ritual Drama and Mystery Play, using Egyptian Mythology.
  2. You will learn to know the Egyptian Gods, and to work with them, using archaic techniques.
  3. You learn a background of theory and spiritual techniques. During the exercises and in ritual you learn how to apply these different techniques.
  4. Curriculum: Ritual Drama, masks, invocations, the importance of mythology for the Quest for Inner Power, Mime, Mudra, Choral Speech in ritual, Symbols, robes, ritual headdresses, magical language, raising energy by means of ritual techniques, assumption of Godforms, old religions and their importance, magic, exercises, altars and magical instruments, charging ritual subjects
  5. Ritual: 'Weighing the Heart of Osiris

For whom is this training?
This intensive weekend workshop is of interest for everyone who works with mystery play, rituals and/or ceremonial magic. In many religious traditions ritual is used. During this training you learn how to work with energy in a ritual setting, and how to empower and raise the level.

Bring with you: writing material, a white robe with a white cord (alternatively white cloths), temple slippers. The amoun of places is limited, so enrol now (online) to ensure your participation

For whom is this workshop?
This workshop is of interest to both beginners and advanced students who want to learn the secrets of Polarity Magic.

21-23 October 2011
Enrolling and information
The Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight
Waterwerk 80
3063 HB Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel 0031-610599875

Organisation in cooperation with
Institute of Hermetic, Studies, Research, Training and Personal Development

Gateway to the Gods Folder Introduction to Egyptian Magic .

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