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Finally  time came we offered you what was promised at the beginning of the Mystery School in Romania, working in a temple of Mysteries  as it was according to  mystery schools traditions on Earth. These are traditional ancestral rites passed down over thousands of years, in the same form in which they were taught in ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, etc..

Just like we understand that to be Romanian one must go and study history of their ancestors of ancestral land or to be a Christian one must  study the roots of Christianity the same is when you want to understand more what really means to be a Man you must go to the origins of humanity. To understand and accept it to reach finally the point of our liberation because the humanity is reaching a final spiritual awakening again. To come to understand who we really are and why we are here.

This weekend under the guidance and close coordination of the magician Cüsters Ina van Bergen, who presented this unique workshop for the first time in Romania we all had a unique chance to  taste the sweetness of Olympus and enjoy the food of Gods and face the waves of true knowledge brought from beyond. We had the real chance to see what it really means, the Great Work in action.

This workshop is more than an achievement and a manifestation of what I promised and what we have talked about in the past several years, in fact we have opened a new door so long waited by many. Path to the ancestral Temple of Knowledge and Mysteries was revealed and now everything depends on each individual on how much further he or she wants to go.

The magician works in collective ceremonies but his individual perfection is inside his own inner temple. Alchemical process and the grinding of the Philosopher's stone are unique but each one radiates the light and beauty of his own gift to the humanity. The path of a Hermetic magician is a path on which nobody stays in front of you as a guru twitching you, as your spiritual advisor as a babysitter. The Hermetic Magician's path consists of two sides without which it doesn't exist just like a coin has two sides. It is the inside part, full of questions, search, personal or humanitarian, that makes us better within ourselves first, because we often  forget to do so and after that with those around us. The second part part is where the magicians unite the strength and character to achieve otherwise impossible to achieve humanitarian purposes. In this ceremonial form they join forces, knowledge and skills as well as the three Magi from the East to work for the benefit of humanity or to bring the  message before the Divine.

The access to the mystery is not an easy task and should be treated with respect and honor it deserves. This work often involves grinding of character, personality, qualities and virtues necessary for a man in his lifetime. It is however a great thing because it brings unexpected, unforeseen and often unimagined results for those beginning on this path.

If the goal of this workshop was achieved I have the audacity to propose that in meantime we could come up with an appropriate location for our own Ritual Temple and for Temple Mysteries studies and we could write above the entrance from Delphi as "Man Know Thyself." Then this location will bring us new sources of knowledge, spiritual wealth and joy. This is quite possible; everything done so far was done just by a handful of people but now that we are so many we can get involved and create something not just for ourselves but for those around us and humanity.

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