International Board of Hermetic Trainers  

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International Board of Hermetic Trainers

  1. An association of professional teachers of the Western Mystery Tradition, Golden Dawn Tradition, Western Magical schools.
  2. The board provides accreditation or endorsing of qualities.
  3. All the board members are heads of schools as mentioned above.
  4. All the board members are Lineage-holders of the ancient initiation traditions.
  5. We as board members are Guardians and Keepers of the knowledge and of the application of the Hermetic Keys.
  6. We are actively involved in applied Hermetics to make it accessible for modern practitioners.
  7. All the members of the board have made this teaching to their lives’ mission.
  8. International Board of Professional Hermetic Trainers
  9. The Logo of the Board is:

Mission statement

  1. To help human beings to know themselves by means of techniques that belong to the Hermetic Legacy.
  2. To help professionals to realize their Magnum Opus.
  3. We teach by offering techniques that initiate personal growth.
  4. We teach students how to fulfill their lives’ mission.
  5. Our aim is to develop students into bridge builders between the needs of the human dignity and modern society.

Our goals are:

  1. To be a board of Third Degree Lineage holders of the Hermetic Tradition that are professional heads of schools to work as an intervision team.
  2. To guard the quality of the Hermetic Initiation Lineage.
  3. To share ideas, exchange knowledge and increase the quality of the teachings.
  4. To be professional as teachers, in the presentation of the training, in management of complex internal and external situations.
  5. To become a brand of quality as a beacon of a living spiritual tradition in the world.
  6. To constantly work towards making the public understand the weight of the ancient tradition and their birthright of having access to a Gnostic spirituality.
  7. To develop and (re)discover the ancient Western magical and shamanistic traditions, and to adapt them for modern use.
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