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The message of Hermetic Institute of Study, Research, Training and Personal Development

As we are preparing to enter  the new year, I hope everyone is looking forward for new achievements  and projects for the new year.   Before closing this year, I’d like to communicate to  the management board of  Hermetic Institute and  to share some thoughts with you.  Our efforts got a lot of attention during year that almost passed, and rightfully so…. we are a multi-dimensional spiritual organization, and every dimension, aspect matters.   Please do support our teachers  teams and all members of our Mystery School  in every way you can and  let’s not lose sight of the big  picture and projects of the Hermetic Institute.

First, let me say thank you to each and every person of  the team for your trust in our leadership, and your hard work advancing our light work  for the next generation of our success.   We have come a very long way, very quickly, as compared to the uncertainty in which we entered the year.   In front of us now is the opportunity to achieve record results  for  our organization and the humanity.

As we close the year, we are positioned to have  launched more classes, met new people, discovered new things, established new contacts and collaborations, trained new teachers and started  projects to make us better in  esoteric  field. We have watched our team grow mature and recover their focus.  The key building block now in our progress is to establish a common view of what makes a “good” team, a “great” one in order to establish new standards, higher ones  for  the spiritual communities of Romania  and Europe.
We are steadily growing  more internationally  with the great help, support, involvement and dedication of some of you.  Thus in the beginning of new year the first training for Adepts will be held in Warsaw,  Poland following Spain,  Italy,  Netherlands  and maybe Russia. We pretty fast became the quality spiritual standard in our western esoteric  field and due  to this we are going to be part of International Board of Western Esoteric  Trainers in the year to come.

Over the years, I have been involved with many good teams  and a few great ones.  We have the opportunity to be one of the great ones.    Over the past several weeks, I have been thinking about those traits, and felt that now was a good  time to share my thoughts:  

-    Good teams get off to a fast start, then fall into the status quo trap falling across the finish line.  Great teams fly across the finish line with an eye towards the future, raising the bar further.

-     Good teams celebrate individual successes, but great ones hold up those achievements as examples for aspiration.

-    Good teams chase best practice; great teams interpret and execute best practice against tightly defined goals, establishing excellence as the status quo.

-    Good teams manage expectations; great teams manage their opportunity.  They always are consistently great over the time.

So the critical question becomes how does  a good team become a great team?  Simply stated, by making it personal, and then making every day count, getting involved in all 4 kabbalistic worlds 100% in order to reach all personal, team, and Institute goals and even going beyond that.

Specifically, I would like each teammate, teacher, or member of Institute to identify one thing that you believe is possible and others don’t.   Perhaps it is an administrative advance that helps making us even more organized  or maybe working from the heart with love to make our community to feel more passion.

It does not matter what it is but you have to remember that  it all starts with you.
Also it is very important not to avoid our lacks of skills and knowledge but to identify them and work on them, make them working for us in such ways that our minuses become our greatest powers  and driving energy.
The humanity needs us, but needs us in our full power and potential, with our skills and abilities activated at maximum and at  the same time balanced with Justice and Mercy; with the mind and passion in such a way that all our service to the humanity is from the heart level (Tiferet), a perfect beauty that is balanced and stands strong between Heaven and Earth  in order to be able to bring the greatest light on Earth, the greatest density of light that humanity was able to ever hold till this point of our evolution.
We, the light workers and the warriors of light, of any color  and background  are the future of human race so  let’s make it big and make it to shine.

We are entering a new reality, and I would like you all to be with us, to spread the light, love and knowledge. Next year will be a window where we can re-confirm ourselves  again that we are a great team; and we can create even more  inspirational and profound trainings for the benefit of humanity.  I’m looking forward for you reporting your success.

Raul Petrisor,
President of Hermetic  Institute of Studies,                              
Research, Training and Personal Development

Management Board of the Institute

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