Lista recomandari carti pentru Adept:  

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Lista de recomandari carti pentru adept:     
Carti in limba engleza:
  1. Achad, Frater    Melchizedek Truth Principles 
  2. Andrews, Ted    To See and Read the Aura - Cum sa vezi si sa interpretezi aura
  3. Andrews. Ted    Cabala magica pe intelesul tuturor
  4. Andrews, Ted    Simplified Magic    

  5. Ashcroft-Norwicki, Dolores    The Ritual Magic Workbook       
  6. Assagioli, Roberto    The Act of Will       
  7. Aurelius, Marcus    The Meditation of Marcus Aurelius       
  8. Bach, Richard    Jonathan Livingston Seagull ( other works)  Pescarusul Jonathan Livingston
  9. Bailey, Alice    Discipleship in the New Age (at least 15 books)       
  10. Besant, Annie    Doctrine of the Heart    
  11. Besant, Annie    Study in Consciousness       
  12. Blavatsky, Madam    Isis Unveiled       
  13. Bleakley, Alan    Fruits of the Moon Tree       
  14. Brunton, Paul    Notebooks of Paul Brunton       
  15. Calvin, William H.    How the Shaman Stole the Moon
  16. Campbell, Joseph    The Power of Myth      
  17. Castaneda, Carols    The Teaching of Don Juan       
  18. Cayce, Edgar    Auras 
  19. Coelho, Paulo    The Alchemist       
  20. Conway, D. J.    Dancing With Dragons       
  21. Crowley, Aleister    The Book of Thoth       
  22. Crowley, Aleister    The Heart of the Master       
  23. Crowley, Aleister    777 A Qabalistic Primer       
  24. David-Neel, Alexandra    Initiations and Initiates in Tibet       
  25. Denning & Phillips    Astral Projection       
  26. Deshimaru, T.    Zen Way to the Martial Arts       
  27. Fortune, Dion    The Mystical Qabalah       
  28. Garfield, Patricia    Creative Dreaming       
  29. Gilbran, Kahlil    The Prophet       
  30. Grant, Kenneth    Outside the Circle of Time       
  31. Graclan, Balthasar    The Art of Earthly Wisdom       
  32. Gray, W. G.    Inner Traditions of Magic       
  33. Govinda, A.    Creative Meditation and Multi…..       
  34. Govinda, Lama Anagarika    The Foundation of Tibetan Mysticism       
  35. Hoffman, Edward    The Way of the Splendour       
  36. Jung, C. G.    Answer to Job       
  37. Jung, C. G.    Modern Man in Search of a Soul       
  38. Kaplan-Williams, Stephon    Dreamworking       
  39. Knight, Gareth    Magick and the Western Mind       
  40. Knight, Gareth    Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism       
  41. Leadbeater, Charles W.    Inner Life       
  42. Levi, Eliphas    Paradoxes of the Highest Science       
  43. Levi, Eliphas    The Key to the Mysteries       
  44. Markale, Jean    Celts: Uncovering the Myths       
  45. Materlinck, Maurice    Le Tresor Des Humbles       
  46. Mathers, MacGregor    The Kabbalah Unveiled       
  47. Monroe, Douglas    21 Lessons of Merlyn       
  48. Monroe, Robert A.    Journeys Out of the Body       
  49. Mumford, John    Chakra and Kundalini Workbook       
  50. Musashi, Myamoto    The Book of Five Rings       
  51. O’Hara, Gwydion    Moonlore       
  52. Parfitt, Will    The New Living Qabalah       
  53. Ponce, Charles    Kabbalah       
  54. Point Loma Editorial Staff    Invisible Worlds and Their Inhabitants       
  55. Regardie, Israel    Foundation of Practical Magic       
  56. Regardie, Israel    The Golden Dawn (& at least 10 books)       
  57. Schueler, Gerald    Egyptian Magick: Enter the Body of Light       
  58. Shakespeare, William    Birth of Merlin       
  59. Shakespeare, William    Collective Works of William Shakespeare       
  60. Shutz, Albert    Call Adonai       
  61. Spence, Lewis    Cornelius Agrippa       
  62. Starr, Kara    Merlin’s Journal of Time       
  63. Steiner, Rudoph    Esoteric Cosmology       
  64. Steiger, Brad    Astral Projection       
  65. Stephens, John O.    Awareness       
  66. Stewart, R. J.    Advanced Magical Arts       
  67. Tzu, Lao    Tao Te Ching       
  68. Tzu, Sun    The Art of War       
  69. Von Deuchend, M. & G. de Santilana    Hamlet’s Mill       
  70. Westcott, W. W., Translated by    Sepher Yetzirah       
  71. Whitfield, Barbara Harris    Spiritual Awakening   
Material extras din suportul de curs "Adept in Marea Fraternitate a Luminii Albe"

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